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Communication Training - Bewerbungsinterview

It always comes back that we have in our communication training be asked to a customer regarding Bewerbungsinterview to coach. the
There are highly specialized...

...Career Coaches, the fachkompetenter and especially in more complex cases the better points of contact are  as we Kaspar Consulting. the
For a few tips & Tricks, which is already a noticeable difference can make (!) we want to give you, however, like to pass on our experiences. the
It is true, namely, in each Bewerbungsinterview a few simple but nothing more, despite  neuralgic points to note. the
Below are seven tips for your success:
1. Be energetic and positive attitude!
do you Practice to your own emotional Top Form to retrieve. No matter what qualifications you have: it is Essential that you at the time of the interview to the point motivated to appear and the Interviewer be able to convey that your future tasks successfully.
2. In der Kürze liegt die Würze
Bring yourself and your Person always to the point. This proves own clarity and bored the Interviewer is not.
3. Dress perfectly!

Have you  ever experienced? You dress up for an occasion and behave with ease as usual. Clothes make the same people. Therefore, it makes no sense, the Bewerbungsinterview on the occasion of selbstdarstellerischer extravagance. "Perfect" does not mean over - and not underdressed, but situationsadäquat!

4. Tell you interesting stories about yourself!
You will with a high probability of your previous activity asked. It is much more effective if you have a specific story to tell than if you only list the areas in which up to now have worked.
5. You answer questions not clichéd!
Tell you your own personal experiences instead of boring phrases. People want to work with people who are easily comprehensible. That's why we all, whether consciously or unconsciously, have an aversion to anything Clichéd.
6. Difficult Questions – Short Answer!
In the tendency to respond Vice versa: In the case of difficult questions, we try to often be differentiated to respond in detail to argue. The sounds on justification and works uncertain. So my tip: If you have a question feel safe to tell you quiet a lot. In the case of difficult questions, keep it short.

7. "Do you still have any questions for us?"

Make on this question is the clarification: "Faith you that I have this Job successfully can fulfill?" This small but fine question gives you the possibilities, open points and / or confusion on the part of the interviewer to clarify. It also demonstrates the courage to question and interest: This can be the Match-be decisive!
What is important is always to ensure that you as a Person with a positive impression of interest.


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