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Executive Coaching - need or Hype?

To the ever-increasingly demanding tasks have grown to be, it is for people in social, economic and political responsibility of high practical value and Use, a tailor-made assistance. Specific Executive Coaching is a great way to...

...efficient way and new way to gain skills. the
Who is the target audience? the
target group of Executive Coaching are qualified, predominantly as "knowledge workers" working people (Teams, organizations), their tasks in responsible positions in society, economy and administration.
What can Coaching?
In addition to the specific Training lack of Führungsskills helps Coaching, from a certain level in the hierarchy of any organization essential system error trap. The following bugs are, in my opinion, is inherent in the system:
(a) The Problem of closeness and distance
Higher management positions require their carriers, unternehmenspolitisch-strategic role definition, which does not at any time too great human proximity to the staff to be characterized. the
Even if it is unlikely someone dares to say, it is a fact: in Addition to the proven motivationssteigernden "near"  have managers in their Leadership role again and again a certain distance to one's own subjective notions about interpersonal-social Idealverhalten in the service of "higher" firm-specific goals muster. the
example: A leader of the upper management must without Hesitation and without him, paralysierende depressed mood to fall due to economically compelling circumstances human problematic Decisions, such as layoffs, in a reasonable period of time. the
b) the Problem of sovereignty
In the center of each Führungsmandats is for every Manager is always the Propaganda of their own sovereignty. Sovereignty is when a behavior is understood, which is Guided in a world full of ambiguities safety through clarity gives. The cause of this desire for independence, probably due to the nature of the Led itself, because you always hope that it is the Mandated "in the worst case to judge" because it's the "right way to know".
Provocative hypothesis: managers are not (only) are selected, because they are with their mandate-related tasks professionally best able to cope with, but because they have the ability to "security-radiating" to do so, as if you had the required professional skills.
You need to this, one of them even often diffuse as a "lie" perceived behavior convincing (!) to the Outside, can live. You can do this, they are, paradoxically, this is precisely able to confidently lead!
Executive Coaching provides an excellent opportunity, with these fields of tension to deal with.
Executive coaching is A profession of the future?
the job of The Executive Coach as process consultants in situations where there is no obvious "08/15-solution" is, in my opinion, in the future, is of enormous social importance.
This is because it is simply the most effective method is to lack of Skills to acquire and from a distance with a competent sparring partner, the own blind spots to shrink, and so on (leadership) skills become richer.

Coaching The Trendsurfer
Coaching is "in". for Example, take many consultants, even if your service is nothing to do with Coaching has to do the trendy "executives Executive Coaching" in their Portfolio. Everybody wants in on the coattails riding. Therefore, there is on the market for customers is hardly a glance cash offer. Many of the offers are good. Some are, however, highly unprofessional, and bring in the customers.

In the foreseeable future, in the Anglo-American region is the development of already more advanced – it is a professionalization. It will be a clear separation of skilled and customer-oriented coaches, on the one hand, and on the own self-realization, are considered a “Life-styles Gurus“ on the other hand.


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