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Successful managers - What sets you apart?

What is the difference between really successful leaders from unsuccessful? One of the world's leading opinion research institutes (Gallup) has a broad-based study Inverviews with over 20'000 executives evaluated. It has been found: THE idealeTop-Executive...

...with precisely defined properties, there are not!
the Following factors, which is also reflected in our Business Coaching work again and again as key in making the turn out - could nevertheless be identified:

1. Personality
executives are convinced of this, if your "craft" master and as an integral personality with a clear vision regarding their role, their values, Strengths, and limits to do what you are "in the heart" to be true.
2. Focus on Strengths and solutions

Successful leaders develop their Strengths and find future-oriented solutions. Own weaknesses in terms of lack of Skills then edit with all the consequence, if these weaknesses are the breakthrough of their own Strengths to prevent.
3. Network and development
Successful leaders have a real, sustainable professional and personal network. You promote and encourage your employees and surround yourself with people who have their own talents complement each other.
4. Learn from failures. Celebrate success
Successful leaders celebrate successes together with your fellow professionals. Even if projects fail once should: Successful leaders let this not discourage you, because they see Failure as a major Lernchance, to be even better!
5. To be curious. Flexibility wins

Successful managers develop and cultivate the ability, towards things that are always poised unbiased attention to be Given to the question.
The stability-based curious-critical attitude is essential to ensuring that corporate and personal opportunities seen and new promising paths can be followed.

6. Courage, to make decisions,
Successful leaders is never confined to theoretical reflection, but pacing is active to the fact. Even if situations are rarely clear-cut: they have the courage and make decisions. Because you want to make a difference!
7. Head, heart and Hand
Successful leaders lead with head, heart and Hand, because they combine Thinking and the personal come with entrepreneurship.



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