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The way up is the way to himself!

It is well known: people with high technical skills, which are tested in practice, to obtain sooner or later lead. This reveals a phenomenon: A part of these people with the new tasks to the personal...

...borders and the environment is therefore often incapable of experiencing.
Promoted and sometimes overwhelmed

The affected executives even noted that leadership in addition to technical skills, additional qualifications require. But for leadership in the narrower sense, managers often insufficiently trained. It is still assumed that complex management tasks through a technical or business-related education plus some days leadership seminar can handle. In practice, it is often that such "Schnellbleiche" is not sufficient. Demanding leadership roles do you overcome not only by the Learning of the so-called Soft Skills – such as in the areas of self-management, communication, conflict management, negotiation – , but mainly through the clarification of own role as a leader in various fields of conflict .

tension between complexity

leaders must be in a highly complex environment and under time pressure to make decisions for which they are in principle never sufficient basis for decision-making (information) available. Doing so will change the framework conditions are frequently and repeatedly diving unclearly defined problems. This fact necessitates that you are creative is looking for solutions and willing to bypaths to go. This, however, costs time, which, in turn, preset, quickly get to your destination, disagrees. This must be leaders, in spite of most of the task of the "uncertainty" of doing so, as if you had everything under control.
Tension between employees vs. goal orientation

Also is a leader in the tension between employees and goal setting. In order to achieve its goals, exploited the boss to a certain degree its employees. On the one hand, he is therefore on good relations with these dependent, on the other hand, must not be too large to close, which Instrumentalcharakter of the employee to strongly overlap. As for the boss, the goals must always be in the foreground. This creates a behavior of the ambiguous relationship formation: on the one hand, "We-feelings", on the other hand, sometimes corporate Manipulation, generating Beinflussung. Because decisions are, unfortunately, all too often, either entrepreneurial problematic or human difficult.
Leadership requires personal clarity
How can I do that in the everyday management with complexity? I run more employees - or rather goal-oriented?  unfortunately, There are no definite answers to these questions. That is exactly why press many executives are afraid to take a stand. This would be the conscious dealing with these issues is highly worthwhile. The ruthless and honest discussion with yourself and your own values leads to a unique positioning. The so-recovered clarity, in turn, ensures more personal powers of Persuasion. And it is precisely this power is used every day: It is so not in vain leadershippower!


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