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Business coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching

For executives, who want to achieve ambitious goals faster and with certainty, a personal executive coaching or leadership business coaching is the answer

As your personal executive coach & leadership trainer, we are your reflection- and sparring partner. Effectiveness, clarity and mindfulness, are the key ingredients for our business coaching.

Focusing on the essentials leads to success
Focusing on the essentials leads to success

Our focus: executive coaching, transition coaching, leadership Coaching

We specialize in executive coaching from middle to top management. We offer three core programs:

I. Leadership coaching "skills & tools for middle management"
Common topics in this program for middle management executives are: role clarity, self-marketing, assertiveness, communication and presence

II. Transitional coaching "next level - upper management"
For executives who are making the move to upper management, we have developed a comprehensive coaching and training program also known as the "First 100 days coaching"

III. Executive coaching "sparring for top management"
Our executive coaching program is aimed at leaders from upper to top management who are looking for a neutral and independent sparring partner, to actively support their lateral thinking process and reflect strategically on key leadership questions and decisions

Our coaching services can be combined with individually- tailored communication training, conflict management-, stress management- and negotiation training.

Executive coaching and training in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich

Our business-coaching concept meets the needs of our clients for maximum flexibility. In Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich - and every major city in Germany!

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