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Luck - Or the question of the good life

What really makes you happy? The question is so banal as to be difficult to answer! Here is a brief summary of various research work on the subject. the

the Following factors are essential

altruism to maintain – you can Help other people to be happy. There is nothing egoistischeres...
- Personal social network to maintain friendship and family
- challenges with creative freedom search – autonomy experience
- Meditation, healthy diet, enough sleep, regular exercise
- Several moments of happiness per day change more than a big moment of happiness, every couple of months

happiness pays off!
end point 50 years of research regarding Motivation: reward and well-being to bring more than punishment and discomfort. As a leader, it is therefore vital that you set for yourself and other positive conditions design: Happy people work more creative, more reliable, and more productive.

principle: changes will be achieved only if the way is to be followed consistently.

- Day, 2 minutes BüroZen-Meditaion operate
- Daily for 3 minutes aware someone do something Positive
- Daily 5-minutes, the most important findings of the last 24 hours to write down
- Daily 10 minutes of Gymnastics

Program: During 3 weeks of daily 20‘ increases the personal happiness – scientifically flawless, demonstrated significantly!


The needs of the employees

to the needs of employees? This naheligenden and simple question was used in a broad study of the market and Meinungsforschungsinstitutes Gallup by: Guided need - like all people - trust, esteem, stability, and hope! the
These findings confirm our own experience in the day-to-day Business and Executive Coaching  and flow in...

...in our operating principles:

clarity: The focus of each Executive Coaching is on Recognizing and Developing Strengths. Weaknesses in the key competencies section (appearance, communication, conflict handling skills, etc) are then with all the consequences to address, if the breakthrough of Strengths and a personal Progress prevent.
mindfulness: managers must not only to the changing markets, but also to their "human world" disinterested attention (= awareness). That is why every Executive Coaching always "Wahrnehmungsschulung" to itself (keyword: Life-Balance), to the employees and the other stakeholders.
Each Executive Coaching  is supposed to be a more conscious design of his own Leadership role in the reconciliation with the personal Strengths and values. "Tools" alone bring little: Success is the Coaching and training process, and only then, if the Whole person is integrated. Thus, from Tools real tools!


Successful managers - What sets you apart?

What is the difference between really successful leaders from unsuccessful? One of the world's leading opinion research institutes (Gallup) has a broad-based study Inverviews with over 20'000 executives evaluated. It has been found: THE idealeTop-Executive...

...with precisely defined properties, there are not!
the Following factors, which is also reflected in our Business Coaching work again and again as key in making the turn out - could nevertheless be identified:

1. Personality
executives are convinced of this, if your "craft" master and as an integral personality with a clear vision regarding their role, their values, Strengths, and limits to do what you are "in the heart" to be true.
2. Focus on Strengths and solutions

Successful leaders develop their Strengths and find future-oriented solutions. Own weaknesses in terms of lack of Skills then edit with all the consequence, if these weaknesses are the breakthrough of their own Strengths to prevent.
3. Network and development
Successful leaders have a real, sustainable professional and personal network. You promote and encourage your employees and surround yourself with people who have their own talents complement each other.
4. Learn from failures. Celebrate success
Successful leaders celebrate successes together with your fellow professionals. Even if projects fail once should: Successful leaders let this not discourage you, because they see Failure as a major Lernchance, to be even better!
5. To be curious. Flexibility wins

Successful managers develop and cultivate the ability, towards things that are always poised unbiased attention to be Given to the question.
The stability-based curious-critical attitude is essential to ensuring that corporate and personal opportunities seen and new promising paths can be followed.

6. Courage, to make decisions,
Successful leaders is never confined to theoretical reflection, but pacing is active to the fact. Even if situations are rarely clear-cut: they have the courage and make decisions. Because you want to make a difference!
7. Head, heart and Hand
Successful leaders lead with head, heart and Hand, because they combine Thinking and the personal come with entrepreneurship.



Executive Coaching - need or Hype?

To the ever-increasingly demanding tasks have grown to be, it is for people in social, economic and political responsibility of high practical value and Use, a tailor-made assistance. Specific Executive Coaching is a great way to...

...efficient way and new way to gain skills. the
Who is the target audience? the
target group of Executive Coaching are qualified, predominantly as "knowledge workers" working people (Teams, organizations), their tasks in responsible positions in society, economy and administration.
What can Coaching?
In addition to the specific Training lack of Führungsskills helps Coaching, from a certain level in the hierarchy of any organization essential system error trap. The following bugs are, in my opinion, is inherent in the system:
(a) The Problem of closeness and distance
Higher management positions require their carriers, unternehmenspolitisch-strategic role definition, which does not at any time too great human proximity to the staff to be characterized. the
Even if it is unlikely someone dares to say, it is a fact: in Addition to the proven motivationssteigernden "near"  have managers in their Leadership role again and again a certain distance to one's own subjective notions about interpersonal-social Idealverhalten in the service of "higher" firm-specific goals muster. the
example: A leader of the upper management must without Hesitation and without him, paralysierende depressed mood to fall due to economically compelling circumstances human problematic Decisions, such as layoffs, in a reasonable period of time. the
b) the Problem of sovereignty
In the center of each Führungsmandats is for every Manager is always the Propaganda of their own sovereignty. Sovereignty is when a behavior is understood, which is Guided in a world full of ambiguities safety through clarity gives. The cause of this desire for independence, probably due to the nature of the Led itself, because you always hope that it is the Mandated "in the worst case to judge" because it's the "right way to know".
Provocative hypothesis: managers are not (only) are selected, because they are with their mandate-related tasks professionally best able to cope with, but because they have the ability to "security-radiating" to do so, as if you had the required professional skills.
You need to this, one of them even often diffuse as a "lie" perceived behavior convincing (!) to the Outside, can live. You can do this, they are, paradoxically, this is precisely able to confidently lead!
Executive Coaching provides an excellent opportunity, with these fields of tension to deal with.
Executive coaching is A profession of the future?
the job of The Executive Coach as process consultants in situations where there is no obvious "08/15-solution" is, in my opinion, in the future, is of enormous social importance.
This is because it is simply the most effective method is to lack of Skills to acquire and from a distance with a competent sparring partner, the own blind spots to shrink, and so on (leadership) skills become richer.

Coaching The Trendsurfer
Coaching is "in". for Example, take many consultants, even if your service is nothing to do with Coaching has to do the trendy "executives Executive Coaching" in their Portfolio. Everybody wants in on the coattails riding. Therefore, there is on the market for customers is hardly a glance cash offer. Many of the offers are good. Some are, however, highly unprofessional, and bring in the customers.

In the foreseeable future, in the Anglo-American region is the development of already more advanced – it is a professionalization. It will be a clear separation of skilled and customer-oriented coaches, on the one hand, and on the own self-realization, are considered a “Life-styles Gurus“ on the other hand.


The way up is the way to himself!

It is well known: people with high technical skills, which are tested in practice, to obtain sooner or later lead. This reveals a phenomenon: A part of these people with the new tasks to the personal...

...borders and the environment is therefore often incapable of experiencing.
Promoted and sometimes overwhelmed

The affected executives even noted that leadership in addition to technical skills, additional qualifications require. But for leadership in the narrower sense, managers often insufficiently trained. It is still assumed that complex management tasks through a technical or business-related education plus some days leadership seminar can handle. In practice, it is often that such "Schnellbleiche" is not sufficient. Demanding leadership roles do you overcome not only by the Learning of the so-called Soft Skills – such as in the areas of self-management, communication, conflict management, negotiation – , but mainly through the clarification of own role as a leader in various fields of conflict .

tension between complexity

leaders must be in a highly complex environment and under time pressure to make decisions for which they are in principle never sufficient basis for decision-making (information) available. Doing so will change the framework conditions are frequently and repeatedly diving unclearly defined problems. This fact necessitates that you are creative is looking for solutions and willing to bypaths to go. This, however, costs time, which, in turn, preset, quickly get to your destination, disagrees. This must be leaders, in spite of most of the task of the "uncertainty" of doing so, as if you had everything under control.
Tension between employees vs. goal orientation

Also is a leader in the tension between employees and goal setting. In order to achieve its goals, exploited the boss to a certain degree its employees. On the one hand, he is therefore on good relations with these dependent, on the other hand, must not be too large to close, which Instrumentalcharakter of the employee to strongly overlap. As for the boss, the goals must always be in the foreground. This creates a behavior of the ambiguous relationship formation: on the one hand, "We-feelings", on the other hand, sometimes corporate Manipulation, generating Beinflussung. Because decisions are, unfortunately, all too often, either entrepreneurial problematic or human difficult.
Leadership requires personal clarity
How can I do that in the everyday management with complexity? I run more employees - or rather goal-oriented?  unfortunately, There are no definite answers to these questions. That is exactly why press many executives are afraid to take a stand. This would be the conscious dealing with these issues is highly worthwhile. The ruthless and honest discussion with yourself and your own values leads to a unique positioning. The so-recovered clarity, in turn, ensures more personal powers of Persuasion. And it is precisely this power is used every day: It is so not in vain leadershippower!


Which guide type convinced personal?

...a clear winner: Barack Obama (104 answers)! He received about three Times more votes than the significantly beat Christoph Blocher (29 mentions) and Angela Merkel (28 entries).

Our interest

For us as the organisers of leadership training, however, was not only the naked result is interesting, but especially the Statement of those who say, who are the future Chefs are (personal) and the manner in which they lead (coach & coach). the
Emotionene win!

According to our "Pulsfühlung" it is Barack Obama succeeded, positive emotions, not only in the American world, but also in the "world of HR & coach" to awaken. He was often referred to as "charismatic, good-looking (!) Visionary“ for a new systemic-ethical  way of thinking and leading.  In contrast, applies Angela Merkel by many as the "iron and pragmatic Lady" of a past time. Christoph Blocher and his "right-confrontational management style" is for the most of the recruiters simply an "unreasonable Patriarch."
performance lose?

If you are after a certain time of the interview, the onset of reflection of our interviewees regarding the effective transcript of records of the three protagonists was a more nuanced picture. Christoph Blocher was quite a high level of performance , especially with regard to his work as an entrepreneur, granted. When Merkel was appreciated that a "sober, relatively ugly physicist from the former GDR" did it, as a woman in the "blenderisch-masculine" world of politics with pragmatic solutions to enforce. About his performance was Barack Obama will be judged in different ways: by The Statements went beyond "type of tourism Director without effect" up to "the Bigsshe is a politician, with the Change of the Krankenkassensystems in America, a paradigm shift achieved." the
The belly wins!

Amazingly, even after the intensive part Ratio-influenced call - and the period of reflection – not a single participant, his first decision revised. It is from this close, even if highly sophisticated performance measurement and Personalauswahlinstrumente developed and used in every person and in particular any personal intuitive-emotional decisions, and finally, in his first "heart-decision" remains!


Coaching and Training - a plea against fear

Coaches and trainers have excellent instruments in Hand, to executives in the development of the effectiveness and efficiency of meaningful support. the
Often, however, both in the supporters of the pure Coachinglehre as well as for the advocates of the pure we call "claim ownership": A Coach may not be at the same time, coach and train! A coach not to coach!
I am of a different opinion and argue for the complementarity of Coaching and Training. Only in this way can Business Coching effectively to be successful! Last but not least, also because experience has shown that with the combination of both approaches...

...the customers at the most can be helped.
leaders need to be effective!
Leaders are effective when they are effective and efficient. The Management thinker Peter F. Drucker defines effectiveness easy but this makes it no less accurate: "An effective leader does the right things right."

With Coaching, the effectiveness of increase.

Effectiveness means doing the right things. Here are the basic and perhaps therefore the most challenging issues in the foreground: What are my goals as a person? Such as "work," I as a leader? What are my core values? What are my leadership? the
To these questions to effectively edit, are instruments of the nondirektiven reflection, such as in a classical Coaching have been developed, the appropriate means.

With Training efficiency.
Efficiency means to do things right. Thus, for example, the following topics are dealt with: How I realized my goals? How can I manage myself? How do I convince my Team of my ideas? How do I deal with conflicts? the
For these issues, are instruments of learning, such as in education and specifically in terms of the Learning of adults - in the classic Training have been developed, the most suitable. the
Why is the Reflexionsarbeit important?
Answer the questions according to their own values, principles, etc, there is a risk that a new behavior in the short-term eintrainiert can be, in the medium term, but lost again. The reason is simple: The new "skills" are not their own, often hidden values and principles! the
The System a person is creative enough, and quickly find ways themselves to sabotage the "old" stability is once again achieved. Therefore, they are Erfolgsseminare in Erfolgstrainern often for the long term so little successful! the
Why is the training of key competencies important?
Leaders must achieve results. Results are achieved not primarily through reflective Questioning, but by actively Doing. Managers have complex objectives in a highly complex environment under time pressure and frequently changing conditions. For that you need effective instruments.
With pure expertise can, for example, technically sophisticated machines developed and complex chemical relationships be explored, but technical competence alone is not sufficient to lead people to. the
The skills (including Soft Skills) in the field of communication, self-leadership and the targeted influencing of people in universities and technical colleges rarely taught. This is also for a good reason: Because it is only in the rough everyday work life, personal deficits with regard to these key obviously. But then the time should be invested by a specific Training to acquire! the
The most success with the combination delivers!
I am convinced that the leaders benefit the most, when first asked is "What do I do at all" (= to increase the effectiveness), to then in a Training intensively to the subject of "How do I do it Best" (= increasing the efficiency) to devote. the
Therefore, I combine in my work Coaching with Training. This is why this combination is so successful!


May a Coach to earn as much as its target audience?

Coaching is in! Many consultants, even if your service is nothing to do with Coching has to do the trendy Business Coaching in her Portfolio. Everyone wants to ride along on the wave of success. Therefore, there is on the market for clients hardly...

... überblickbares offer. Some of the offers are good. Others, however, highly unprofessional, and bring the client nothing. This Wild growth has not only its impact on quality, but also on the prices. These move between the dumping of leisure - Hobby-coach (CHF 65.--/h) up to "Künstlerpreisen" about  CHF 1'000.--/h.

The professionalization in progress

In the foreseeable future, in Germany and in the Anglo-American region is the development of already more advanced - it is a professionalisation of the industry. It will be a clear separation of skilled and customer-oriented coaches and trainers on the one hand, and on the own self-realization, are considered a Life-style Gurus, on the other hand.

My approach - and also the most professional and spe - zialisierten coach, I know - is that the fees of the Business Coach in the framework of the usual approaches for self-employed professionals with a University degree and qualified special training and many years of practical experience bwegen.

This is for two reasons:

1. is A professional and successful details of coaching should be the Coach to allow financially on the same "footing" as its target audience to move.

2. Coaching as a professional facilitation should be an attractive livelihood for highly qualified professionals to offer. Otherwise, "jump", and the market is flooded with "Halbprofis". And this benefits in particular the quality-longing audience nothing!