Individual Training -
communication and presentation

«One can not, not communicate!» 
Paul Watzlawick

Communication training for decision makers 'your presence'

Not only verbal signals are important in any interpersonal communication but also non-verbal communication is decisive for personal success.

In our communication training for executives we record you on video. Based on the analysis, strength can be strengthened and weaknesses identified and reduced.

Good communication is dance with the audience and solo act at the same time.
Good communication is dance with the audience and solo act at the same time.

Communication training «rhetoric and conversation techniques for executives»

On the one hand executives have to conduct staff appraisals and interviews. On the other hand they have to communicate and "sell" ideas and findings "externally" (press, lecture audience) and "at an even higher level" (board, HQ etc.)

Your advantage: "conversation competence, giving convincing presentations"
Our rhetoric training helps you to strengthen your communicative competencies. We will for example train employee appraisals with you and conversations in which you have to present your ideas to top management or the board of directors. We mentally prepare you for a speech and presentations

…so your message actually comes across!

Extra-Special: Communication Training for «German Executives in Germany»

German executives in Germany - A broad field! Being Swiss, married to a German, I know the differences and similarities of both cultures well!

Intercultural Training (!) – Your advantages
A specific training for German executives helps to prepare and train you for key cultural-situations, so you avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

Portfolio Communication Training - «individual coaching for executives»

Our portfolio includes in particular:

- Presentation and self-presentation, confident speech-giving and improved conversational skills
- Development of communication strategies in difficult management situations
- Special program for German executives in Switzerland

- More on our 2-day seminar presentation & presence for executives  seminar presentation

Kaspar Consulting - Your business partner for communication training.