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Conflict Management

«It’s not the facts themselves that we worry about,
it’s the opinions of others on those facts!» 
Epiktet, philosopher

Conflict management for executives

Where people work together conflict happens. Conflicts arise because different personalities with different views come together.

Some conflicts are the needed "spice" and resolve themselves once the necessary clarification process is over. Other conflicts escalate and lead to greater damage.

An important task of management is to escalations at an early stage to prevent
An important task of management is to escalations at an early stage to prevent

What do you get out of a conflict management coaching?

In our conflict management coaching we train you in regards toyour specific conflict situation. You are either directly involved in a conflict or you may be leading a team, that is in a conflict situation.

Your personal conflict management strategy
After analysing the specific conflict structure and behavioural patterns of the people involved in the conflict, we will jointly develop a conflict management strategy for the future.

Conflict moderation (business mediation)

A commercial mediator helps to analyse the conflict and its roots. The mediation process enables to uncover the true interests behind the positions and to integrate these in to a viable agreement.

Business mediation pays off

As countless examples show: business mediation is a efficient, cost-effective and successful practice. Click here to learn more about business mediation (blog post has been translated bellow- could maybe be added as a separate link (for example 10 good reasons for business mediation), since other blog posts won’t be available in English)

Portfolio conflict management -

Our portfolio includes:
- Individual coaching in difficult conflict situations (analysis, training, implementation)
- Conflict moderation (business mediation)
- More on our 2-day conflict management seminar for executives  conflict management seminar

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