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«Success depends upon courage!» 
Theodor Fontane

Our offer

To deliver top performance is our goal! That's why we are specialized. And therefore 2/3 of our work concerns the individual coaching and training of executives.

With the "remaining third," we deliver the experience-learning program "LEAD" and conduct leadership training with our partners. Two "Solo Projects" complete our offer.

Seminar in negotiation, conflict management, stress management

Due to the constant demand and our particular expertise in the interface of executive coaching and specific skills training in negotiation and conflict management, we offer two targeted in-house seminars:

- More on our 2-day negotiation seminar for executives negotiation seminar
- More on our 2-day conflict management seminar for executives  conflict management seminar
- More on our 2-day seminar stress management for executives  stress management seminar 
- More on our 2-day seminar presentation & presence for executives  seminar presentation

Each seminar is based on a proven framework and can be tailored to your specific wishes!

Partner product Leadership Training "Leadership SVF": The Classic

The leadership seminar Leadership SVF is a compact program for managers of lower to middle management level and a modern classic in leadership development training.

Successful fast track alternative with proven experts
Until now, this course only existed as a "school option" which could take years to complete. We have broken this paradigm and have - together with our partners - launched a fast track alternative.

In 2012, the modular course will be successfully carried out for the fifth time.

More on the modular SVF Leadership Training course: Leadership SVF

Partner product "LEAD": Anything but ordinary!

No seminar. No gray theory. With the Leadership Training LEAD the trainers Kaspar & Bendix go new ways and shake up the education landscape on. There have been participants who claimed the two have in fact reinvented “the leadership seminar”...!"

Training, training, training
Read more about our Leadership Training on our joint homepage and immerse yourself into the world of a complex, two-day, leadership simulation game!

More on the experience learning format LEAD Reality Training