Our Team

Oliver Christen

Oliver Christen
MA HSG, Executive Coach

With my bilingual business partner Oliver Christians I collaborate on all English- executive-coaching
assignments from middle to top management.

Oliver is the founder of the leadership consultancy "PEAQ Partners". Kaspar Consulting regularly works alongside PEAQ for larger organisational change, leadership development programs and management retreats.

Philip A. Hofstetter

Philip A. Hofstetter
Master of Law, Executive Coach & Trainer

With my bilingual business partner Philip A. Hofstetter I collaborate on all English coaching & training
assignments from middle to top management.

Philip lives and works in London and Switzerland. He runs a consultancy with a strong international focus and global reach. For the management training simulation LEAD Reality Training he’s our managing partner in charge of the English-speaking market.

Dr. Andre Lehnhoff

Dr. Andre Lehnhoff
Economist, diagnosticians

Together with Dr. Andre Lehnhoff, David D. Kaspar and Alexander Benedix have developed a state of the art third generation assessment -and development centre.

Andre's expertise in scientifically proven assessment and development centres combined with the expertise of Kaspar & Benedix in developing management training simulations, led to the product "LEAD profiles - Diagnostic in action"

Alexander Benedix

Alexander Benedix
MA, leadership trainer

With my business partner Alexander Benedix I collaborate on larger assignments that require a different
perspective. We have been working together successfully for the last 7 years!

In addition to managing his consultancy "fit. For. Leadership", Alexander is an active trainer and facilitator for different Kaspar Consulting seminars. Together we are the founders and directors of the management training simulation LEAD Reality Training and LEAD Profile.

... We don’t just talk - we also take action!

LEAD Reality Training - Leadership in Action (management training simulation)

LEAD Reality Training means to experience the typical day-to-day “craziness” of an executive first hand. This doesn’t happen in a classroom atmosphere, which feels far from reality but actually in a realistically designed company called “all4sports Ltd.”.

... And without straining the two current buzzwords "neurodidactic» and «neuroleadership" unnecessarily, we integrate the latest neuroscientific findings in our training concepts!

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LEAD profile - Diagnostic in Action (assessment and development centre)

Experience leadership behaviour under realistic conditions and observe leadership skills in a structured way. A leadership focused management role-play simulation – but in a highly structured format with measurable parameters.

A standardized assessment and development centre - in a systematic context with stronger leadership focus. LEAD profile combines both approaches into a highly modern, standardized assessment and development centre of the newest generation.

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Leadership Seminar SVF (leadership training)

Our 7-day training is aimed at managers who want to enjoy a professional training with modern teaching methods, but are not willing to go back to school for years. Compact, personal and professional: That's our mantra.

We only achieve this top quality with small groups of maximum 10 people. This is how we achieve our target of highly effective learning in a personal and open atmosphere.

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