The mountain calls - We take you to your peaks
The mountain calls -
We take you to your peaks
Executive Coaching, Skills Training, Agile Transformation
in Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt or online

Executive Coaching & Transformation

KasparConsulting specializes in coaching and training executives from the middle management level up to upper or top management (C-level).

I. Executive Coaching & C-Level Sparring

Individual Executive Coaching & Sparring is THE sustainable investment in your own personal development. It is the easiest and most effective way to achieve challenging goals quickly and safely.

II. Skills training for executives

We complement our executive coaching program with specific skills training. In doing so, we focus on the crucial key skills. Topics are: Confident appearance, communication, managing conflicts, stress and resilience.

III. Agile Transformation Programs

For companies on their way to becoming agile organizations, we developed the following programs: "Digital Leadership & Innovation" "Certified Agile Leadership" and "Management Retreats" related to Change and Agile Transformation.

As executive coaches, we see ourselves as challenging and appreciative reflection and sparring partners at eye level: Presence. Clarity and focus. That is what distinguishes us.

I. Executive Coaching - Leadership, Transition, Skills

Focus on executives

With our Executive Coaching Program we focus on middle managers who want to work on their leadership skills, executives who want to manage the transition from middle to senior management and top C-level managers who are looking for a personal executive coach & sparring partner. All programs are customized.
"Coaching and sparring for top management"
Executive coaching for C-level managers who are looking for a sparring partner to support and guide them in strategic reflective thinking.
"The first 100 days in senior management"
The "First 100 Days" coaching program has been developed for managers who are taking the step into upper management or top management.
"Key Skills for Middle Management and Startups."
Leadership coaching for middle management and startups. Topics are e.g. developing teams, confident appearance, managing stress and assertiveness.

II. skills training for managers

Key skills training for leaders

Each Executive Coaching can be combined with an individual training. The focus of KasparConsulting is on the crucial leadership skills: Confident appearance and presentation, communication, conflict management, negotiation, stress management & resilience.

Tailor made - In-house programs

For each of these topics we have additionally developed in-house seminars, workshops and trainings. All our events are tailor-made and can be easily combined with e-learning or microlearning.
Negotiation Training

Negotiation Training

Negotiation Training "Harvard Negotiation"

Individual coaching, seminars and workshops
Communication training

Communication training

Confident appearance and effective communication

Individual coaching, seminars and workshops


Reduce stress and gain resilience

Individual coaching, seminars and workshops

III Agile Transformation Programs

With our Agile Transformation programs "The Way to an Agile Company", "Agile Methods" and "New Leadership" we support companies in change and transformation processes.

Workshop "The way to an agile company"

The workshop "The way to an agile company" shows which possibilities exist today to operate successfully in VUCA times.

Workshop "Agile Methods"

In this workshop, central methods of New Work will be introduced: Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, OKR and Kanban Board.

New Leadership - Classical + Agile Leadership Training

In this modular training, managers learn about this new approach. Two online seminars, two days of action training and individual coaching are part of the program.
Agile enterprise

Agile enterprise

The effective way to an agile company

Customized workshops for companies in transition
New Leadership

New Leadership

Combination of classic and agile leadership

In-house training. The update for managers.
Agile methods

Agile methods

Agile methods - principles, practice, overview

Customized workshops for companies in transition

Executive Coaching & Transformation Consulting in Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt

Our target group demands great flexibility. Time is a scarce commodity, which is why we always coach & train you online or directly on site. You decide whether in Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Munich or via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.