The path to the agile enterprise - strategy & methods
The path to the agile enterprise - strategy & methods
Successfully master the Digital Transformation with OKR, Agile Methods, New Leadership and a Growth Mindset of Learning!

Setting the course for the future!

The 2-day workshop is intended for leadership teams of companies in transition. The different dimensions and aspects of change will be highlighted: VUCA, Megatrends, Growth Mindset of Learning, Agile Methods, New Leadership and Organizational Governance with OKR.

Where does the company stand today?

During the Corona era, many companies launched digital initiatives, set up processes differently and reorganized their teams. In the process, they have experienced that many things are possible that were previously considered impossible. However, these companies are now realizing that there is still a lot of "room to grow" and that their company is far from having fully exploited its own potential. They are asking themselves what to do next. The following challenges and questions often come up:
  • How do we become even more agile as an entire organization?
  • How do we succeed in bringing everyone along on the journey?
  • Is our organizational form and our understanding of leadership still up-to-date?

Focus of the workshop

The workshop "The way to an agile company" serves to work on these questions intensively together. Practical exercises and best practices will be used to show how OKR, agile methods, new leadership and a growth mindset of learning can be used to successfully master the digital transformation.

Example of a 2-day program

Inspiring input opens the way for discussion!

In the workshop "The road to an agile organization", inspiring inputs on the different dimensions of change will initiate an open but structured discussion.

  • Introduction, megatrends, growth mindset: What is in store for us? Where do we stand with our company? Are we fit and ready for the future?
  • Innovation and new approaches: Experience the agile methods "Business Model Canvas" and "Lean Startup" and use them for your own practice.
  • New Leadership: The new understanding of leadership integrates transactional and transformational leadership
  • Putting horsepower on the ground with OKR: Gaining focus in your own company. For example with the Silicon Valley success method OKR

Part 1: Introduction, Megatrends

The world is changing

The first part of the workshop will highlight the megatreds that companies are currently facing. The fourth industrial revolution, the so-called digital transformation, is in full swing. All areas of daily life are affected by it: How we shop, where we stay on vacation, how we communicate on a daily basis, all of this is based on technologies that did not exist in this broad application 10 years ago. Until recently, it was things and technologies like computers, software and mobile connectivity that changed the world, but today it's "Artificial Intelligence (AI)", "Robotics", "Blockchain". "Synthetic Biology" and "Quantum Computing."

The Growht Mindset - The mindset for VUCA times.

To be successful in times of change, the so-called VUCA world, you need people with a Growth Mindset. These people - in contrast to people with a fixed mindset - are convinced that they can develop and improve in any area if they just put in enough effort, training or learning.

Growth mindset people change the culture

These people have the required mindset to operate successfully in times of permanent change and increasing uncertainty. Only with a certain number of "growth-mindset-people" the transformation and the culture change in the companies will succeed!

AI is eating the world!

Part 2: Innovation with agile methods

Learning from the startups

The second part of the workshop "The road to an agile organization" will highlight how agile methods can change the speed of innovation cycles. Different methods, their strengths, weaknesses and their preferred areas of application in practical use will be presented.

Methods and Key Learnings

Radical customer focus through design thinking
Business Model Innovation with the Canvas approach
Lean Startup with the build-messure-learn focus

The participants develop a feeling for which methods could be used in their own company.

Part 3: Performing as an organization with OKR

OKR - A framework for the path to an agile organization

In the third part of the workshop "The way to an agile organization", the framework OKR (Objectives & Key Results) is used to present how companies can succeed in effectively and efficiently linking the company goals with the goals of the employees. In such a way that the company succeeds in "putting its horsepower on the road".

What does OKR do?

OKR leads to a unique focus of the resources and capabilities of the entire company towards mutually agreed goals. Fundamentally rethinking sprints and adopting a radical customer perspective makes any organization competitive and agile. OKR is used by many "Silicon Valley success companies" like Google, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter) & Co. but is now also making the leap to Western Europe.

OKR as a holistic approach, not as a "method"!

In our understanding, OKR only brings the desired transformative benefits as a holistic framework. In this approach, all management levels of the company are included: The goals are aligned with the company's vision, mission, strategy and culture.

Part 4: New Leadership for New Work

New Leadership - Between classic and agile

In part 4 of the workshop, the focus is on the question of what leadership will look like in the future. Leading in an ever-changing environment of uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity calls for an update of traditional leadership concepts. The "New Leadership Approach" takes up the demands of reality and leads to significantly better results by combining classic and agile leadership approaches.

What does New Leadership mean in concrete terms?

New Leadership means that managers must be flexible enough to lead either transactionally or transformationally, depending on the company context and the maturity level of the employee. Metaphorically speaking, the manager uses one, the other or both "hands" depending on the situation and the employee's level of maturity:
  • With one "hand," the manager leads in a classic transactional way: He or she agrees on goals, delegates tasks, makes clear and unambiguous decisions, provides information at the appropriate level, and monitors the process and the achievement of goals.
  • With the other "hand", they lead in a transformational way: they convey meaning, empower, ensure that the framework conditions are conducive to achieving goals, enable rapid implementation and develop a feedback culture of learning.
By combining classic and agile leadership approaches, the "New Leadership Approach" leads to significantly more sovereignty and effectiveness for managers.

Your personal workshop moderator

Experience and business background counts!

At KasparConsulting, we are passionate about facilitating workshops for management boards and leadership teams in various companies. We are characterized by the fact that we all have a business background and know ourselves how it feels to make decisions on the front line, to develop and lead people and teams.

Our attitude - partners at eye level

As workshop facilitators, we plan, design and facilitate management retreats, board retreats and strategy workshops around the topics of change and transformation. Each event is tailor-made. Clarity, focus and presence: these are the hallmarks of our work ethos.

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