New Leadership -  The combination of classic and agile leadership.
New Leadership -
The combination of classic and agile leadership.
Train the new leadership approach and gain more effectiveness in your challenging daily leadership life!

New Leadership = classic + agile!

Leading in an ever-changing environment of uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity requires an update of traditional leadership concepts. Our "New Leadership Approach" takes up the demands of reality and leads to significantly more sovereignty and effectiveness by combining classic and agile leadership approaches!

The new reality

Today's managers not only have to deal with a wide variety of employees, but also with different corporate realities. They must succeed in both self-organized and hierarchically structured companies, departments and teams.

Combine classic and agile leadership!

In the self-organized agile environment the concept of transformational leadership works best, in hierarchical structures transactional leadership is still of great importance. Our New Leadership concept integrates both approaches into a new situational approach.

A unique learning framework

New Leadership also needs to be trained in a new way! In our innovative learning framework, online live seminars, real-time action learning, learning via microlearning units and individual coaching alternate in unprecedented effectiveness.

Coach, visionary enabler and supervisor

New Leadership = Transactional + Transformational

New Leadership integrates transactional and transformational leadership into a new leadership approach. The modern leader uses one, the other or both "hands" depending on the company context and employees. Accordingly, they are coaches, visionary enablers and supervisors.

  • With one "hand", the manager leads transformationally: he conveys meaning, provides a framework conducive to achieving goals, and enables rapid implementation thanks to a feedback culture of shared learning. The manager is a coach, mentor and visionary enabler.
  • With one "hand", the manager leads transactionally: he/she agrees on goals, delegates tasks, decides clearly and unambiguously, informs in a level-appropriate manner and monitors the process as well as the achievement of goals. The manager is a classic supervisor.


The "New Leadership" training

Online learning, action training, e-learning and coaching

Two online seminars, two days of action training, e-learning and individual coaching: participants embark on a challenging and inspiring learning journey of personal and professional development "out-of-the-comfort-zone". The training starts with a leadership check in which strengths and learning areas are identified.

Module 1 - Two online live seminars

  • Online seminar 1 "VUCA times", "Why", "Growth Mindset", "Different personalities".
  • Online Seminar 2 "Agile Principles", "Exploration & Exploitation" "transformational & transactional".

Module 2 - Two days of real-time action training

  • Leading All4Sports AG - A company in transition.
  • 2 days, 4 scenarios: From hierarchy to self-organization.

Module 3 - E-Learning & Individual Coaching

  • Consolidation of what has been learned with e-learning
  • Personal coaching "Further development and current challenges

Leadership topics that are worked on

  • Leading in a hierarchical environment - Leading in an agile environment
  • Remote leadership - Leading hybrid teams
  • Leading different employees in the right way for the situation
  • Driving innovation, while at the same time implementing day-to-day business
  • Dealing with unclear tasks and changing objectives
  • Achieving ambitious goals despite scarce resources
  • Conducting difficult conversations
  • Managing conflicts within the team
  • Dealing with external disturbances
  • Convincing appearance and presentation
  • Confidently dealing with criticism
  • Selling yourself and your work results correctly

Open and in-house training

The "Agile Leadership" leadership training leads to the "Agile Leader" certificate Participants thus demonstrate skills that are in demand and relevant in many companies today. This not only improves current leadership skills, but also sustainably improves opportunities in the job market. We offer an open training for managers and a customized training program for companies.

I. Open training "Certified Agile Leadership".

The "Certified Agile Leader" training is aimed at executives who want to train the competencies that are in demand in digital times of change. Executives from different companies in the D-A-CH countries participate. Limited number of participants!

Registration for the open training:

II. in-company program "Certified Agile Leadership".

How exactly does the executive training program "Certified Agile Leadership" work? How can the program be adapted to company-specific requirements? We would be happy to answer your questions personally. Please contact us under the note "Agile"!

I would like to learn more about the in-house training:

Certificate New Leadership

Be able to demonstrate competencies in demand

The leadership training "New Leadership" is certified. In this way, participants demonstrate sought-after competencies that are relevant in many companies today. This not only improves current leadership skills, but also enhances opportunities in the job market.

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