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Stress management & resilience training for managers

In times of change and ever-increasing uncertainties and challenges, managers must develop the competence to deal with pressure and stress in a target-oriented manner.

Stress Management & Develop Resilience

Is your work piling up? 70-hour weeks: Not uncommon? Unrelaxed even in your free time? Our stress management and resilience program provides a remedy and brings first successes in a short time! Instrumental, mental and regenerative stress competence is developed and trained.

A validated concept, tailor-made for executives

It is based on a multi-level concept developed by Prof. Kaluza, the leading expert in stress management, and has been adapted by Kaspar Consulting to the specific challenges and needs of executives.

It's pretty simple. Leaders ultimately have only one person to lead: Themselves!

II The Stress Management & Resilience Program

Based on various life & business checks, an initial stress profile is created. If necessary, this evaluation is supplemented by the measurement of heart rate variability, HRV (biofeedback), among other things. This creates a meaningful picture of the current state of stress, which in turn reflects the current work-life balance or burn-out risk. Based on the results of the stress check and biofeedback, a specific program is developed for each client, which helps on the three stress levels:

1. strategic self and stress management.

On this level, the confident handling of stressors is established through effective time and self-management. What is possible is made possible!

2. mental training, resilience coaching

On this level, personal stress amplifiers are analyzed and based on this, a program for the sensible handling of these individual braking factors is developed. You gain flexibility (mental training).

3. regeneration techniques

In addition, techniques for regeneration (e.g. progressive muscle relaxation, PMR) are practiced, which help to reduce stress in a simple way within a useful period of time. You relax and enjoy!

I. Contents Stress Management & Resilience

Stress management - topics that are dealt with

  • Stress management: Strategies and techniques for everyday life
  • Stress management: Constructive handling of stressful situations
  • Instrumental, mental and regenerative stress competence
  • Stress management profile: My personal fit fields
  • Anti-stress techniques to react in acute stress situations
  • Stress & work management: Focus on the essentials

Resilience training - topics to be worked on

  • Resilience - Healthy through times of uncertainty and change
  • Resilience - The immune system of the psyche, resilience
  • Resilience - Learning to activate your own resources in times of crisis
  • Resilience I: Self-awareness, goal orientation and self-control
  • Resilience II: Acceptance, personal responsibility and optimism
  • Resilience III: Networks, solution orientation, resource orientation

Stress Management and Resilience - The Formats

A. Individual Coaching "Stress Management & Resilience

  • Individual coaching in acute pressure and stress situations
  • Development of an individual stress management
  • Resilience training: building resilient resources
  • Targeted intervention on the physical, cognitive-emotional and social levels
  • Activation of resources to cope more calmly with hectic everyday working life
  • Developing supportive mindsets and attitudes

Combination with leadership coaching

The individual training can be combined with accompanying leadership coaching, transition coaching, executive coaching. In this way, the trained skills can be integrated into the overall context or linked to the upcoming leadership topics.

B. In-house seminar "Stress Management & Resilience

Stress Management & Resilience Seminar for Corporate Clients
By popular request, we also offer our know-how in the form of an in-house seminar. Based on our many years of experience, we have developed a corresponding basic program. Based on this, we develop a 1-2 day curriculum for your in-house training.

Increase the transfer with e-learning?

Every seminar and training can be easily and quickly combined with e-learning!

Your Stress Coaches & Resilience Trainers

Communication Coaches - Experience and Business Background Counts!

We at KasparConsulting have a lot of friends and passion as executive coaches and communication trainers of executives from middle management level to top management (CEO, CFO, CMO etc.) of various companies. We are characterized by the fact that we all have a business background and know ourselves how it feels to make decisions and lead at the front line.

Our attitude - partners at eye level

As executive coaches & communication trainers, we are your personal reflection and sparring partners at eye level. Clarity, focus and presence: these are the hallmarks of our work ethos.

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Stress management coaching in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich

Stress management Coaching - On-site and online

Our target group demands great flexibility. That's why we always coach & train you on-site! You decide whether in Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Munich or online via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You decide whether the Stress management coaching takes place on-site or online.

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Arrange an initial non-binding online appointment with us: We look forward to helping you grow personally and professionally.

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