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From panic attacks to euphoria - How do companies experience the digital transformation? Stress, burnout - What are the reasons? Will we soon have no hierarchies in companies? Empathy in the executive suite? German executives in Switzerland - A problem?

We are happy to provide information about our work with executives and are also willing to look deep into our cards!

Article by David D. Kaspar

SMEs and self-confidence - Interview with David D. Kaspar (2018)

SMEs sell themselves short - This is how it is often perceived in public. This assumption falls short, says entrepreneur and executive coach David D. Kaspar
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MangerSeminars - Employee appraisals

Interview with David D. Kaspar and Rüdiger Hossip on the topic of employee appraisals.
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Baden-Württemberg State Gazette - Stress management

Interview with David D. Kaspar and Martin Luitjens on the topic of stress management in employees.
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Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich - Germans in Switzerland

Interview with David D. Kaspar on the topic of German executives in Switzerland
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Schweizerische Handelszeitung - Leadership competencies

Interview with David D. Kaspar on the topic of "Leadership Competencies
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20min - Soft Skills

Article by David D. Kaspar on "Soft skills and change management in turbulent times.
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Sunday - Empathy

Interview with David D. Kaspar on the topic of empathy as the "new" key competence.
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SeminarInside - Conflict management and business mediation

Article by David D. Kaspar on the topic of conflict management and business mediation.
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HR Today - The ideal leadership type for HR managers

Article by David D. Kaspar about a survey at the Personal Swissay
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SCROGGIN - Areas of tension for managers

Article on leadership careers in the university career magazine for high potentials "SCROGGING".
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Tools and Scientific Works by David D. Kaspar

Master thesis: Individual coaching in mediation?

In this magna cum laude evaluated master thesis a systemic coaching and mediation approach is developed, which serves as a foundation for successful consulting work.
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Strategy Tool

This analysis tool, developed by Kaspar Consulting from practical experience, is used to develop effective strategies for managers and entrepreneurs.
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Complex consulting systems

The work serves as a basis for lectures on the topics "Personal leadership through leaders" and "Leadership - Effective leadership".
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