Workshop Agile Methods - Toolbox for Modern Working
Workshop Agile Methods - Toolbox for Modern Working
Learn about and apply Design Thinking, Kanban, OKR and Business Model Generation

Workshop Agile Methods

Workshop Agile Methods for New Work

As part of the Digital Transformation, many companies have started to change their business models, products and services. In doing so, they quickly realized that it is not enough to make improvements in the traditional way. That is simply too slow! What is needed today is to develop and test initial products together with the customer with scarce resources and little time, and to scale them quickly if they are successful.

Successful in the VUCA times of change

But how does this work? Are there "instruments" for this? And where do they come into play, or how do you use these methods in practice? The training "Agile Methods in Practice" provides an overview.

Your practical benefit

In the Agile Methods training, you will learn about the different methods, their strengths, weaknesses and their preferred areas of application in practical use. Afterwards, you will have a feeling for which of these methods could be used in your team. And: afterwards you will know what is behind all the buzzwords ;)

The workshop will be tailored to your company's needs.

The better you know your customer, the better you can decide what to do and what not to do!

Procedure of the "Agile Methods" Workshop


The workshop "Agile Methods" has a high practical relevance. You will work in small groups and implement your own ideas and prototypes. Your work will then be reflected upon together. Based on this approach, you will develop an understanding for the way of agile working.

Recognize basic principles and connections

Each agile method has its own characteristics. At the same time, all methods share the same basic principles: Radical customer focus, out-of-the-box thinking, thinking in visions and acting in clearly defined sprints.

When to use which tool?

At the end of the training "Agile Methods in Practice", you will not only have learned about individual methods, but you will also know how and when each method can be used in a meaningful way.

Example of a 2-day program

I. Basic principles

The first part focuses on the basic principles of agile methods. Topics are: The Growth Mindset of collaborative learning, the radical customer focus, and thinking and acting in itarative sprints.

II. method case

In the second part of the workshop, individual methods will be presented.
  • Why, How, What? - The Golden Circle of the Purpose Driven Company
  • Steering companies with OKR
  • Playfully developing business models with Business Model Canvas
  • Developing customer-centric products with Design Thinking
  • Pragmatic implementation with Daily Standup Meetings and the Kanban Board

III. Transfer to your own practice

In the third part of the 2-day workshop, the question is discussed how a target-oriented introduction of the individual methods could look like in one's own company.

Your personal workshop moderator

Experience and business background counts!

At KasparConsulting, we are passionate about facilitating workshops for management boards and leadership teams in various companies. We are characterized by the fact that we all have a business background and know ourselves how it feels to make decisions on the front line, to develop and lead people and teams.

Our attitude - partners at eye level

As workshop facilitators, we plan, design and facilitate management retreats, board retreats and strategy workshops around the topics of change and transformation. Each event is tailor-made. Clarity, focus and presence: these are the hallmarks of our work ethos.

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Agile methods in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich

Agile methods

In our experience, to really get to know Agile methods, you need an on-site workshop where the participants can really get into the swing of things. We offer our workshops in the Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt area.

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