Transition Coaching -  The First 100 Days in Senior Management
Transition Coaching -
The First 100 Days in Senior Management
'The only way to never fail is,
to risk nothing!' B. Piccard'

Transition into top management

The program "Transition Coaching - The first 100 days" simplifies the big step from middle management to top management.

Successfully arriving in the new role

You have impressed with your outstanding performance! That's why you were also considered capable of taking on higher tasks: The new job promises to be highly interesting. Soon you realize that many things have changed compared to your old job. How should you shape your new role? What exactly is expected of you? How can you be successful?

From receiver to designer

In addition to more status and more salary, you also have more opportunities to exert influence. If you consciously shape your role, you can have an impact at key points and play a decisive role in shaping the future of the company.

No longer perfectionist to the very last detail, but see the big picture, act strategically and inspire and enable others!

The first 100 days are convincing

Recognizing the difference

It is important to deal with the various challenges in a target-oriented manner and to successfully master the first 100 days. In doing so, it is particularly important to recognize where the significant differences lie compared to the previous function and role. This is the objective of the Transition Management Coaching for the way to upper management.

From the hamster wheel of performance into the minefield of politics?

In addition to a consistent focus on your own talents, the successful shaping of your new leadership role requires an examination of your own limitations, personal "no-goes" and your own relationship to politics, power and influence. In a nutshell: You need to be clear about what distinguishes and drives you as a leader and what values and visions you personally stand for!

Arrive faster in the new function and feel comfortable!

The time span from entry into the new function to effective performance will be significantly shortened and the chances that you and your team can successfully shape your work at the effective "bottlenecks" will be measurably increased. Many years of our own practical experience, and the permanent cooperation with our business partners have led to the fact that we can offer you a highly effective program.

The 7 Step Transition Program

  1. Analysis of the company culture and key players
  2. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses in alignment with the job design
  3. Development of own leadership vision: What do I stand for?
  4. Strategic "business plan" for the first 100 days
  5. Implementation of concrete operational steps
  6. Developing your own team, expanding the internal company network
  7. Evaluation - reflection - modification

A real win-win-win program: You as a manager, your directly subordinate (management) team and thus "your company" as a whole benefit from this!

Your personal Transition Coaches

Experience and business background counts!

We at KasparConsulting are transition coaches & consultants with a lot of friends and great passion. One of our focus groups are executives who are making the leap from middle management to upper or top management. All of our coaches have a business background themselves and therefore know from their own experience what it feels like to make decisions and lead at the front line.

Our attitude - partners at eye level

As transition coaches, we are your personal reflection and sparring partners. Clarity, focus and presence: these are the hallmarks of our work ethos.

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Transition Coaching in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich

In Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich or online

Our target group demands great flexibility. That's why we always coach & train on-site! You decide whether in Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Munich. Or rather online via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


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