Executive Coaching - Accept Role, Achieve Performance!
Executive Coaching -
Accept Role, Achieve Performance!
If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!

Management Coaching

Arriving in the new role

People with excellent professional skills who prove themselves in practice are given bigger tasks with more responsibility. In many cases, you are promoted and suddenly find yourself in the role of a manager again. In the process, many things change and it quickly becomes clear to all involved: effective leadership requires additional qualifications besides professional skills!

The goal of leadership coaching

The objective of our executive coaching is to develop these new leadership skills within a reasonable period of time and to "grow into" the new leadership role as quickly as possible.

If you always do only what you can already do, you will remain what you already are.

Why Management coaching?

Customized development

Individual leadership coaching serves to define your own leadership role with a critical and appreciative reflection partner, to face fundamental leadership questions and to acquire new leadership tools. In this way, you grow into your new leadership role as quickly as possible. The mix of guided self-reflection, specific leadership consulting and key competency training is what makes this work so successful.

Head of department, head of division

This executive coaching is specifically geared towards executives at the middle management level. These executives still partly lead operationally but are more and more challenged to cope with more strategic leadership tasks.

Executives in startups

Entrepreneurs and executives who lead a company in the start-up or first growth phase and are suddenly confronted with leadership issues are also among our clients. For them, we have developed a special program that also includes working with agile approaches such as Kanban Board, Business Model Canvas and OKR.

Our understanding of leadership

The New Leadership Combines Transactional + Tranformational

Permanent change, global crises such as Covid and, in particular, the disruptions brought about by the digital transformation are having an impact on the way work is organized. With these changes, the demands on managers are also changing.

In the same company, there are often departments that are still organized along classic hierarchical lines and areas where work is more self-organized. The new leadership approach, which is successful in both systems, combines transactional leadership with transformational leadership!

Transactional leadership

The effective tools of transactional leadership are e.g. "setting goals", "assigning tasks" and "controlling results". This is the technical basis of all leadership work and - with a sense of proportion and used correctly in the situation - is also justified in times of flatter hierarchies.

Transformational leadership

People do not "only" need adequate remuneration. Rather, they are only truly motivated and go the famous "extra mile" when, in addition to meaningful work, they experience an authentic "superior" who supports and inspires them individually. Developing these skills as a manager requires an intensive examination of oneself, one's own values and the design of one's own leadership role.

Topics in management coaching

The content of executive coaching is s always tailored and based on the needs of the client. A short list of common topics should give an impression which contents can be worked on:

  • Starting the new, challenging leadership task
  • Leading employees vs. leading managers
  • Convincing appearance, pitching and presenting
  • Strategies for conflict and communication situations
  • From a loose group to an outstanding top team
  • Conducting challenging employee appraisals
  • Letting go, giving up control and still controlling
  • Asserting yourself even with difficult employees
  • Strategic stress management, developing resilience

Your personal management coaches

Experience and business background counts!

We at KasparConsulting work with friends and passion as executive coaches and personal skills trainers in different companies. We are characterized by the fact that we all have a business background and know ourselves how it feels to make decisions and lead on the front line.

Our attitude - partners at eye level

As leadership coaches, we are your personal development partners at eye level. Clarity, focus and presence: these are the hallmarks of our work ethos.

Make an appointment to get to know us

Arrange a first non-binding online appointment with us: We look forward to helping you grow personally and professionally, too.

Executive coaching in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich

Executive Coaching - On-site and Online

Our target group demands great flexibility. That's why we always coach & train you on-site! You decide whether the executive coaching in Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Munich or online via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


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