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The KasparConsulting team coaches and trains you in Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich. Or online all over Germany. Get in touch with us. We would be happy to explore the possibilities of a successful cooperation with you!
David D. Kaspar
David D. Kaspar
Executive Coach & Transformation Consultant
Founder Kaspar Consulting & Network and Peakly. Executive coach and sparring partner for senior management / top management.

15 years of experience, more than 5000 hours of individual coaching with over 500 (top) executives and management boards speak for themselves!
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Philip A. Hofstetter
Philip A. Hofstetter
Executive Coach & Leadership Trainer
The bilingual Philip A. Hofstetter is the principal responsible for all English language executive coaching & leadership training from middle management to top management.

Philip works as an Executive Coach, Transformation Consultant, Facilitator and Executive Trainer throughout Europe.
Dr. Sibylle Kaspar
Dr. Sibylle Kaspar
Sibylle Kaspar holds a PhD in microbiology, a master's degree in information science and a CAS in e-learning and adult education. She was a manager in industry for a long time.

At Kaspar Consulting, Sibylle is responsible for stress management and resilience. She combines scientific clarity with mental and meditative techniques.
Alexander Benedix
Alexander Benedix
Executive Trainer, Learning & Development Expert
Alexander Benedix is a highly specialized executive trainer, blogger and podcaster and also a proven expert in the development and design of complex learning & development programs.

Alexander is responsible for seminars, workshops and executive training for lower and middle management at KasparConsulting. A joint partner product is "New Leadership - Classic + Agile Leadership".
Anja Stubenrauch
Anja Stubenrauch
Executive Coach
Anja Stubenrauch is a proven executive coach with over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, CFO and CEO. As a Strategic Projects Specialist at Kaspar Consulting, she is responsible for executive coaching with leaders in companies with international backgrounds.

Anja's focus is to implement strategies, integrate meaning and trust culture to create an easy path to high performance.
Dr. Andre Lehnhoff
Dr. Andre Lehnhoff
Diagnostician, executive trainer
Andre Lehnhoff's expertise in all aspects of diagnostics complements Kaspar Consulting in all projects involving valid measurability.

One joint project, for example, was the development of an assessment and development center of the latest generation.
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