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Negotiation Training Harvard Concept for Executives

You negotiate every day!

Successful negotiation is a challenge. Whether with business partners or with employees. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you negotiate every day. In a specific negotiation training, you will receive valuable tools that you can apply in your everyday professional life.

Development of your personal style

Knowing these working tools is a basic requirement. However, it is important and crucial to implement these tools in your own personal style! This fact is taken into account insofar as a high value is placed on the concrete work on your own negotiation profile.

You don't get what you earn,
but only what you negotiate!

Negotiation Training Harvard Concept

The Harvard Concept

In order to be able to negotiate successfully even in the case of major conflicts of interest, it is helpful to have a basic knowledge of negotiation. In our individual executive training, we work with the tried and tested Harvard Negotiation Concept. With this instrument we succeed again and again in creating a win-win situation even in seemingly hopeless situations.

Negotiation training - your personal style

Knowing tools is an important prerequisite. But tools alone are of little use if they cannot be used in a style-appropriate manner: The challenge is to tailor the tools to your personality and to prepare mentally for the negotiation!

Thematic focus

  • Basics of negotiation, Harvard concept
  • Negotiation preparation, negotiation management
  • Tough in the matter, fair in the tone, clear in the pursuit of goals
  • Definition of your own negotiation goal
  • Dealing with pressure and stress
  • Interests vs. position, developing options
  • Dealing confidently with unfair negotiating partners
  • Profile and profiling, tit-for-tat strategy
  • Working on individual negotiation situations

Individual coaching & negotiation training

Individual Negotiation Training "Harvard Concept
We make you fit for everyday negotiation. After our negotiation training you will know the basics of effective negotiation according to the Harvard concept. For your everyday life this means that you will be able to prepare yourself in a structured way, be convincing during the negotiation and achieve results with a lasting effect!

Combination with leadership coaching

The individual training can be combined with accompanying leadership coaching, transition coaching, executive coaching. In this way, the trained skills can be integrated into the overall context or linked to the upcoming leadership topics.

Customized preparation for difficult negotiations

If you are facing an important negotiation, you can count on our customized strategic coaching. We train you in strategic preparation on the one hand and in tactics and mental fitness during the negotiation on the other.

Strategy and tactics with proven tools

The aim is to clarify your own negotiation situation and to define what exactly is your effective objective. With the help of tried and tested profiling tools and checklists for the decisive elements of every negotiation, such as BATNA, ZoPA and Walk-Away Price, we develop a promising concept together with you.

B. In-house negotiation seminar "Harvard Negotiation

Tailor-made negotiation seminar for corporate clients

By popular request, we also offer our know-how as an in-house negotiation seminar. We would be happy to develop a 1-2 day curriculum for your internal training. Each seminar "Negotiation according to the Harvard Concept" is tailor-made and can be combined with e-learning for effective practical transfer.

Typical sequence of a 2-day negotiation seminar

In a 2-day negotiation seminar, the basics are developed on the first day. Topics include: "The Harvard Concept", "BATNA and Walk-Away Price", "win-win instead of loose-loose", "My profile as a negotiator" and the "tit-for-tat strategy". The various topics and strategies are played through and practiced in individual cases.

The second day focuses on the company's internal challenges and trains the participants for their specific negotiation situations.

Your negotiation trainers

When negotiating, experience and business background count!
We work with a lot of friends and passion as negotiation trainers for executives of different companies. We are characterized by the fact that we all have a business background and know ourselves how it feels to lead negotiations on the front line.

Our attitude - partners at eye level

As negotiation trainers we are your personal reflection and sparring partners at eye level. Clarity, focus and presence: these are the hallmarks of our work ethos.

Make an appointment to get to know us without obligation

Arrange a first non-binding online appointment with us: We look forward to helping you grow personally and professionally, too.

Negotiation training in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich

Negotiation training - on-site and online

Our target group demands great flexibility. That's why we always coach & train you on site! You decide whether in Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Munich or online via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You decide whether the executive coaching takes place on-site or online.


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