Self-conception, values, coaching concept
Self-conception, values, coaching concept
'Make things as simple as possible.
But not simpler!' A. Einstein

Our task, our self-image

Self-Image and Values

Every person has specific talents that make them unique. These need to be discovered and developed and supplemented by training missing key skills. We see ourselves as personally-inspiring and independent "mountain guides", who can also sometimes act as confronting "court jesters with mirrors". Presence. Clarity and focus. This is what distinguishes us.

Coaching philosophy

We work consistently future-, resource- and success-oriented and always see our client as a working partner at eye level. Our experience teaches us that the best results are achieved when all relevant relationship and work levels are included in a structured way.

In focus: The needs of our customers

Our methods and tools are based on sound scientific knowledge. We are clear about where our competencies are and where our limits are. The effective need of the customer always comes before our own profit maximization.

This is what distinguishes our coaching concept

1. achieve the maximum in the minimum time.

Experience shows that only when working in larger time blocks the necessary focus and the desired depth is gained. That is why a coaching session with us always lasts between 21/2 to 4 hours. Coaching can take place on-site or online.

2. accompanied support, for current issues

For current issues, the client has the possibility to contact his coach via Zoom or Teams during the whole process. This way, upcoming questions can be discussed in a timely manner. This support is integrated as a "flat rate" in every coaching package.

3. you save long journeys

Individual coaching (executive coaching, transition coaching, leadership coaching) or skills training for individuals (e.g. negotiation, presentation or stress management) can take place in any major city in Germany. Kaspar Consulting provides a meeting room on site. In this way, we meet our clients' need for the shortest possible travel time.


Experience shows that many of our clients "allow" themselves a follow-up half-day 1-2 times per year after this process. This time-out is used to consolidate what has been established, to discuss important upcoming leadership issues and to reflect on their own further development.

The levels of each coaching process

I. Personality, goals and leadership role

It is crucial that the coachee perceives himself with his goals and values and defines his leadership role in such a way that he can successfully fulfill his leadership tasks with his specific strengths and limitations.

II. Systemic environment: Matching with the company culture

It is important to match the personal expectation of the coachee with the expectation on the part of the company. Throughout the coaching process, it is also important to take into account the company culture in which the executive works as a systemically relevant environment.

III. action competence, implementation in practice

By working on these levels, the sustainable basis is created to successfully establish customized work tools and new behaviors. The motto is clear: "There is nothing good. Unless you do it!"