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Our clients are happy - of course within the framework of the required discretion - to provide personal information about the cooperation with David D. Kaspar or the team "Kaspar Consulting". Tell us from which industry you would like a reference!
I already had various leadership trainings behind me and wanted a coach for the next career step (option top management, C-level) who would work with me on my very personal "issues".

With David Kaspar I immediately felt comfortable and free and very quickly succeeded in developing a constructive strategic plan. It helped enormously that Mr. Kaspar found the courage to address sensitive issues such as power, personal values and boundaries.

I actually made the step into the upper management level with success! Retrospectively, I realize that I intuitively chose the right coach. Every 6 months I meet with Mr. Kaspar for a business coaching meeting and we go through my "agenda". This gives me a basic security to have a sparring partner at my side even in turbulent times.Ms. X., on her way to top management, food company
As a company, we are currently in a major change process. Industry 4.0 is occupying us and our market more than we expected 2 years ago. To be honest, it has partially caught us cold!

David Kaspar supports me in this process as a sparring partner. With him I reflect on strategy, business model and business processes. In particular, we also discuss our culture and the way we interact with each other in the management team. In the process, David Kaspar confronts me time and again with perspectives that I would not have adopted on my own.

Both the individual sparring regarding digital leadership and the moderation of strategy workshops with our board bring me personally and the entire company decisively further!Mr. P., CEO (250 EM)
Competent, compact and professional - that's how I experienced our cooperation.

I particularly benefited from the negotiation training by acting out realistic negotiation situations. In these role plays, I got to know my way of negotiating for the first time.

With the new tools "Harvard Negotiation" and "Negotiation Judo" I now have practical instruments with which I was able to achieve success in appropriate situations in a very short time"!Ms. A., Head of Foundraising, Medical Charitable Organization
During two half-days, Mr. Kaspar and I analyzed the difficult situation (and my contribution to it...) in our department together. In particular, we also trained my conversation skills (appearance video training).

Thanks to the good preliminary analyses including the development of an implementation plan and the targeted training, I was able to improve my competencies in such a way that the situation has noticeably improved. The executive coaching was worth it!Ms. T., Department Manager, Industrial Group
A special thanks for the good "moderation", the persistent follow-up questions and the coaching on the way to more clarity. It came or comes at the right time!Ms. U., Manager, Cultural Organization
I was paid for executive sparring. I was allowed to choose "my coach". Initially, I thought the prices were quite steep. Now I have to say: The service was worth every euro and I will book a coaching package with David Kaspar as a private person if necessary!Dr. S., Head of Department Teaching & Research, German University
Mr. Kaspar is already my third executive coach in my professional career. At the beginning I was surprised about the way of working in larger time blocks and thought that it might make more sense to work in smaller sequences. I heard from other colleagues that they see their coach every two weeks for about 60 minutes each.

But then I realized that just working for half a day gets to the heart of things. It is amazing, but already on the first starting day I learned more about myself and my leadership behavior than during the previous coaching meetings altogether!

In the transfer phase, I took up the offer of telephone coaching a couple of times. It was good to have contact with my coach and trainer at short notice and spontaneously - when things were burning - to discuss things... ...On the final half-day, the progress was reflected on again and weak points were specifically trained. Also valuable were the follow-up checklists for the future, which always give me the opportunity to coach myself. Thus, the coaching and training was not only valuable input from outside and professional guidance for self-reflection, but also "help for self-help" for future tasks!Ms. Z., Head of Aquise, Private Bank
The coaching and training with David Kaspar was very intensive and exhausting - but we also laughed a lot.

Thanks to the Transition Management Coaching, I am now more aware of my new leadership function and have been able to decisively improve my know-how regarding practical leadership work such as effective meeting facilitation, employee empowerment, strategic communication with headquarters, etc.Mr. H., Head of Marketing, pharmaceutical company
I have been working with Mr. Kaspar for a long time. We meet 2-3 times a year and check out the most important events and decisions. It is always a great enrichment to click out of the daily business to face the "big questions" from a distance.

But sometimes it also becomes very pragmatic. For example, last year I practiced my Christmas appearance with Mr. Kaspar during a specific communication training - with great success! I actually felt more relaxed in front of the invited guests and, according to feedback, was very well received.Mr. K., CEO, company with over 5000 employees worldwide
At first I thought: What can a coach show me!

Since Mr. Kaspar was recommended to me by a good acquaintance with a similar problem (change of job and the associated "conversion" of German medical personnel vs. Swiss medical personnel), I nevertheless let myself in on the cooperation.

...I am thrilled! The Executive Coaching has "opened my eyes". Mr. Kaspar did not propagate 08/15 solutions, but by clever questioning and summarizing my explanations, he brought things to the point in such a way that I found my own, individual solution to the problem addressed.

The "toxic climate" in my department has improved noticeably since then!Prof. Dr. T., Chief Physician, Private Clinic
We experienced a change process in our company in which two different company cultures were brought together. I was quite challenged and reached personal physical and psychological limits.

The stress management coaching fully convinced me. We worked out an individual program that helped me (and still helps me) to regain much needed freedom. I also learned (again) to regenerate better after acute pressure situations!Herr K., Leiter der Unternehmens-IT, Versicherung
I did not expect my neuralgic points to be uncovered so quickly. The analytical-provocative-appreciative style of David D. Kaspar has helped me enormously to recognize blind spots and to change certain behaviors.Mr. M., Managing Director CH, international company (microtechnology)
At the first coaching meeting, we worked on the topic of work-life balance and leadership development. The focus of the reflection was on questioning my current professional task in comparison with my core values. Time and again, Mr. Kaspar succeeded in provoking me in an appreciative manner, so that I had to leave my usual perspective for a short time and was forced to look at things differently.

We spent the second meeting defining a life vision for the last third of my professional life as a manager.

In retrospect, it meant great added value for me to have dealt so intensively with my professional future. In the process, I was confronted with - not always comfortable, sometimes very personal - life questions.

The executive coaching has strengthened me and given me clarity about how I will actively shape my professional future.Mr. P., Member of the Board of Directors, medium-sized real estate company
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