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Regenerative Stresskompetenz

Many people tend to under-load their activities in the Form of Hobbies, sports, games, Social contacts, art and culture to reduce! With fatal effect: load up high, because Regeneration is missing. the

another "managers-typical" behavior which I as an Executive Coach and Trainer repeatedly encountered: The Arbeitsleistungs pattern is on the spare time of transfer:

- for Example,. Ferienstress
- Hochleistungsdauerläufe of managers,
- maximum number of Visit in the Christmas season
- Power Yoga with Vergleichsstress (the other is relaxed, happy...)

Regenerative Stresskompetenz requires something else, namely the establishment of a renewable, "another world"!

what this looks like, is highly individual. Regenerative Stresskompetenz means to find out what kind of relaxation of the own personality equals. Six "Neigungstypen can be identified:

1. Wärmeneigung
2. Sportneigung
3. Excitability
4. Social support
5. Aktivierbarkeit
6. Intelektuell-musical Activity


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