Executive Coaching –
Sparring for top management

«You can not command the wind. But you can set sail!» 

Executive Coaching & Sparring for top management

Not only top athletes show outstanding performance. Executives experience "competitive atmosphere" daily. Athletes spend 90% of their time training.

Top managers on the other hand experience almost exclusively “action on a completive level”. Recently Executive Coaching has been invented for the "top athletes of business". A trendy hype?

Take a step back to plan you smartest moves.
Take a step back to plan you smartest moves.

Executive Coaching - An ancient tradition!

You don’t see what you can’t see. Leaders of ancient times, the princes and kings, were aware of this. The role of the court jester provides remarkable evidence of this "sparring partnership" in order to reduce their own "blind spots".

This in its core function classic cooperation is also highly fruitful for today’s business life. The reason for this is the independence of the sparring partner

An executive coach is, different from the usual interlocutor of the manager, outside the system and is neither linked nor career depended from his client. Only with this independence, it is possible to be a feedback provider and reflection partner at eye level!

Personal growth in a nutshell - Executive Coaching & Sparring

It has proven crucial to be clear and aware of your own profile, the dominant values, beliefs and personal leadership vision. This allows you to focus your strengths, appear convincing and offer guidance.

This clarity marks the foundation of so-called leadership competency: persuasion, credibility and sovereignty.

Our Executive Coaching is designed to further develop and strengthen this clarity.

Abbreviated selection of possible working topics

- Leadership: Vision, further develop the personal leadership strength
- Sovereignty: positioning, charisma and personal appearance
- Decision sparring: Reflection partnership for making hard choices
- Power and Strategy: Social influence and relationship management
- Personal Branding: self-marketing, reputation management, profiling and profile

... The program is tailor-made and adapted to your needs!

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With a lot of joy and passion David D. Kaspar has been working as a long term sparring with many executives in top management positions (CEO, CFO, CMO, etc.) from different companies.

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