Executive Coaching
"Skills for middle management"

«The only way never to fail is to never try anything!» 
Bertrand Piccard

Executive Coaching – So you can celebrate successes!

It is well known: people with excellent technical skills that have proven themselves in business; sooner or later get more managerial responsibilities.

The process quickly identifies that effective leadership requires additional qualifications.

Clear direction, so goals can be achieved
Clear direction, so goals can be achieved

Executive Coaching – Personal Development and Leadership Skills

Experience shows that customized coaching programs for executives who are working strategic and operational roles, are most effective when they are assembled of the following three elements:

1. Personal development and role clarity
This discovery and development work is about proactively occupying oneself with the personal strengths, weaknesses, motivations and goals. ®Leadership and Personality

2. Individual skills training "key skills"
Individual skills training come in to play, where it’s truly needed. We focus on the key skills of effective leadership in presence and communication, conflict management, stress management and negotiation.

3. Practical applicable "Management Tools"
This involves hands-on management instruments such as situational leadership of employees, meeting facilitation, feedback techniques, etc

Target group and work topics

Our coaching is targeted for management executive clients who have strategic responsibilities and in addition have to lead people, teams, departments etc.Our clients include entrepreneurs of leading startup companies experiencing their first growth phase, resulting in complex management issues confronting them.

Selection of work topics
- Clarity: Successful design of leadership role
- Personal appearance: Convince when it matters most
- Self-Marketing: that’s how your successes actually get noticed
- Team Leadership: Dealing with difficult situations (conflicts, change situations, etc.)
- Leading people: How to hold challenging employee conversations, ability to position oneself clearly
- Assertiveness: Ability to prevail, even with difficult employees
- Strategic Stress Management: Using your own resources sensibly

Executive Coaching – Your customized program!

Get in touch, we would be happy to discuss a potential collaboration and develop a custom-made training and development program that is in line with your goals.

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