Transition Coaching –
Next Level: Senior Management

«No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.»
Albert Einstein

The first 100 days in the top management

You have convinced through excellence! That's why you were also considered capable to take on higher responsibilities: The new job promises to be very interesting.

Soon you realize that many things have changed in comparison to the old job. How do you shape your new role? What is expected of you? How can you be successful?

Suddenly in the spotlight - We will accompany you in the first 100 days of the new management role
Suddenly in the spotlight - We will accompany you in the first 100 days of the new management role

This will make the difference in your new management function

In addition to higher status and a bigger paycheck you also get more influence as part of your new role. Applying thought to the design of your role allows you to influence crucial areas and help to shape the future of the company. How can you achieve this?

Take a stand
A prerequisite for success is to focus on your own talents. In addition, the design of your new leadership role requires an exploration of your own boundaries and weaknesses and personal "no-goes".

Get in to your new core business
Understand your new core business at the outset and build good relationships with your key stakeholders. This will also allow you to successfully communicate your vision to your team and win their buy-in.

Why Transition Coaching?

The benefits of our transition Coaching program can be easily described

The time from entry into the new function to the successful performance is being reduced significantly and the chances of good teams engagement, increases considerably.

Experience and specialized training

The many years of practical experience, specialized training at Palatine Group (German Training Award) and permanent cooperation with our business partners enable us to offer you a highly effective program.

Our 7-Step Program

1. Analysis of the corporate culture and the key players

2. Personal SWOT analysis in comparison with the Job Design

3. Development of own leadership vision: What do I stand for?

4. Strategic "business plan" for the first 100 days

5. Implementation of specific operational steps

6. Focus: Developing of own team and development of the company's internal network

7. Evaluation - Reflection - Modification

A real win-win-win program: This program will benefit you as a leader, your direct reports/ collaborators /team and thus "your business" as a whole!

Kaspar Consulting
- Your business partner for the safe transition into the Top Management