Individual Training -
effective negotiation

«You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate» 
Common parlance

Negotiation Training for leaders

Why A Specific Negotiation Training for executives? The reason is quiet simple. Whether consciously or unconsciously - executives negotiate every day!

You negotiate with employees and bosses and you negotiate with business partners. In practice, these negotiations often fail in the first meeting.

Win-Win instead of lose-lose!
Win-Win instead of lose-lose!

Negotiation Training for executives according to the Harvard Concept

In order to negotiate successfully when there are fundamental differences, a basic understanding of negotiation principles is useful.

The Harvard Concept
In our individual executive trainings we work with the well established and tested Harvard Concept. With this instrument it is possible to achieve a win-win situation in seemingly hopeless cases on a continuous basis

Negotiation Training - Your personal style
To have negotiation-instruments is an important precondition. But tools alone don’t help much, if they can’t be applied in line with your personal style. The exact calibration to your personal leadership-style and the mental negotiation preparation is our big challenge!

Negotiation Training the Harvard Negotiation Concept way

Individual negotiation training " Harvard Concept"
We get you in shape for everyday negotiation-challenges. Having gone through our negotiation training, you will know the essentials of effective negotiation according to the Harvard Concept.

This means that you can prepare yourself in a structured way for your day-to-day dialogues and get convincing and sustainable results from your negotiations!

Tailored negotiation seminar for corporate clients
As requested by many of our clients we are now offering an internal negotiation seminar to our corporate clients. We are happy to develop a tailored curriculum for your continued-education program (larger groups of usually 8-12 people)

Portfolio negotiation training - «coaching for executives, 2- day seminar»

Our portfolio includes:

- Individual coaching to improve your own negotiation competency
- Coaching and sparring in difficult negotiation situations
- More on our 2-day negotiation seminar for executives negotiation seminar

Kaspar Consulting - Your business partner for executives negotiation training.