Our job, Our role,
Our values

«Strive to combine the useful for others with the pleasant for yourself»
Nassreddin Hoca

Our Mission, Our Role

Everyone human has specific talents that make him unique. It is important to identify these skills for development via focussed training. We see ourselves as a personally- inspiring and independent "alpine guide".

Sometimes we will play the role of a confrontational and provoking "court jester” with a “mirror”, which helps to observe thinking and behaviour patterns from a different angle.

With effectiveness, clarity and mindfulness on the way to the summit.
With effectiveness, clarity and mindfulness on the way to the summit.

Our Values

An important part of our work is to reduce complexity and break things down to their essence and bringthem to a point: As simple as possible - but not simpler!

We are interested in what works! The goal is always to achieve the maximum of what’s possible for our client in the given time. With our effective and transparent operation we are playing a pioneering role in the coaching and training scene. Our methods and tools are based on sound science findings. We have a keen awareness of our strengths and are able to work in favour of the client’s needs being a first priority.

This non-judgmental at the very core empathic attitude towards all living beings runs though our daily lives and our work.

In our work we follow the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation.